TIME magazine cites Juliette Rossant

Michelin three stars

July 12, 2018: In “‘We’re Not Educated.’ The Untold Story of Lung King Heen, the World’s First Michelin Three-Star Chinese Restaurant” (July 12, 2018), TIME magazine writes:

For many in the restaurant biz, landing a Michelin ranking is the ultimate triumph. It lifts the red velvet rope and ushers a restaurateur into the vaunted club of Per Se and Eleven Madison Park. It can also springboard a chef into a full-blown celebrity. “Those three stars that you can get, they can give you a platform,” says Juliette Rossant, author of Super Chef: The Making of the Great Modern Restaurant Empires. “Some chefs reject that because they’re passionate about cooking. But some are tantalized by the power and profit that’s inherent in the whole machine that gets created by the celebrity of a chef.”

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